“I have been in attendance as Ron has engaged citizens on the streets of Charlottesville regarding the issues confronting them and taken core, Constitutional, conservative principles and convinced them how they, not expanding Government entitlements, are the answer. So, I have no doubt that this [Conservatism On Demand] is a great idea for spreading the truth that Madison and Jefferson (people we know a bit about here in Charlottesville) knew about self-actualising freedom and how it isn’t an outdated dogma but it IS the REAL change. It’s not just that the show is a great idea but it’s because Ron is the man behind it.”

Joe Thomas, Conservative Talk Show Host.

“Conservatism On Demand is helping to stop the Republican Party’s slow slide to the mediocre middle, and back to its conservative roots.”

Keith Drake, Political Activist

“Expanding the Republican conservative base has to be the number one priority of activists throught our country. This program will work to do just that by spreading the message throughout the internet.”

Evans Thomas, Appomattox GOP Unit Chair and an Attorney